Homes Annual Packet 2020
December 5, 2018
OGPOA Board Members
December 5, 2018

Spring 2019 Newsletter




News from the Rental Department~~
In the rental department, we are busy with our winter guests.  We have had a
great turn out for our 2 welcome parties, both evenings were filled with
good food and our guests getting to know each other!  Activities like the
aerobics, yoga and water aerobics are loved as usual with an impressive
amount of people attending our “restorative yoga” classes.  
Our reservationists are working hard to fill up our rental units for the
rest of 2019!  We are also working on re-booking our snowbirds for the 2020
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Events going on in Ocean Gallery and St. Augustine- Spring 2019


Each Village Association has held its own “Meet your Neighbor” get -together. Each one was a huge success and well attended. We encourage each owner to take part in these social events that are put on by their board members or a committee within their community. The OGPOA will be having their first “Wine Social” for 2019, April 6th in the clubhouse. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet new owners and fellowship with the people who live in your community.


Currently, Ocean Gallery is preparing for our Spring Garage Sale. The garage sale is scheduled for March 16th from 9am to 2pm in front of the Clubhouse. Anyone interested in reserving a table or two must contact me at or 904-471-6655 by 4:30pm on Thursday, March 14th. We have received great feedback from our owners in the past and we hope to have another successful Spring sale again. This event opens our gates to the public for an opportunity to sell items you have collected over the years.


Mark your calendars for the next two Annual Festivals that will be coming to St. Augustine. The 38th St. Augustine Seafood Festival will be held at Frances Field on Friday, March 22nd to Sunday, March 24th. This event is put on by the St. Augustine Lions Club which helps many community organizations. The 24th Annual Rhythm and Ribs Festival will be held also at Frances Field on Friday, April 5th to Sunday, April 7th. This event is put on by the St. Augustine Sunrise Rotary Club which also helps give back to our community. 


Also, every Saturday is the Old City Farmers’ Market located at the St. Augustine Amphitheater from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The St. Augustine Beach Wednesday Market is every Wednesday from 8 am to 12:30 pm. We live in one of the greatest places, that has so much to offer so remember to get out there and enjoy the many opportunities Ocean Gallery and St. Augustine has to offer:)  



Business about the Business ~

The OGPOA held a meeting at the beginning of February.  The board approved obtaining a business loan for the purchase of four pieces of NEW EQUIPMENT!   An elliptical machine, two treadmills and a recumbent bike were purchased and installed a few weeks ago.  Give Sam Price all the credit for the new layout of the room and the new signs you see inside!  Sam Price has been so instrumental in getting the room up to snuff and the way you see it today!  Don’t forget to clean the sand off your shoes BEFORE entering the Fitness Room.  This will help protect the equipment and extend its life for years to come. 

Sam is also the newest and “rookie” member of the ARC.  Jack Osgard and Anne Belz were re-elected to the ARC in December, with Jack being elected the chairman.  The ARC has some new ideas, so stay tuned for updates.

The AT&T contract for phone, U-verse and internet is coming up for renewal in the months ahead and the committee is already reviewing information.  You may have noticed Comcast representatives here this week performing a site visit in order to provide a proposal for Bulk services. 

For those owners that have chosen to rent on their own, the OGPOA Board voted to increase the Guest Registration fee, and effective March 1st, the fee will be $60.00 per Registration.  Just a reminder that the registration for your guest must be provided to the office PRIOR to the guest’s arrival to avoid additional costs.

Del Lago’s next board meeting is going to be March 29 at 10am. OGPOA is scheduled for April 6 at 10am, and the Del Prado meeting is April 16 at 9am.  Las Palmas and the Vistas don’t have one on the calendar as of yet.

Be sure I have your correct email address to stay up-to-date! And if I can assist you in any way, just send me an email at

One more thing…Daylight Savings time again, if you can believe it??!!  Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour this Sunday morning, March 10! 


It takes a Village to keep Ocean Gallery running!

Ocean Gallery has been very fortunate to have volunteers willing to give their time to the community for nothing in return other than a thank you. The property management office tries to make the job of the volunteers easier by providing support and playing the role of liaison between the owners and the volunteers. We currently have over 40 board positions and another dozen or more of committee members that serve a role in everything from the landscaping to the exercise room care.

We want to send out a special thank you to the many people that give their free time to the community to let them know that even when they make the hard decisions that not everyone agrees with, or they deal with an upset owner knocking on their door unannounced or dealing with a sore back after spending a day working in the flower beds they are truly appreciated.


Las Palmas Newsletter

Las Palmas is a busy place and a great place for snowbirds as well as owners. Our landscaping volunteer group continues to drastically improve the grounds in Las Palmas. At our pool, we have all new larger aqua umbrellas, which enhances the pool area.

It is a never-ending job to keep our buildings in good shape and we are fortunate to have Special Teams, as well as Dave Garris. Scott Simmons also has made a great contribution to not only Las Palmas but Ocean Gallery which is like a small city.

Las Palmas welcomes our new owners and could not forget to send a big thanks to our maintenance man Bob Schendorf, who is always on top of everything.

~Ray Ryan- Village Las Palmas President 



New Owner Reminder

Many new owners have been brought into the community over the past few years so we take this opportunity to remind you of a few rules that play a more dominate role in the community.


      Owners In the VISTAS

It is required that a sound barrier or membrane must be used when installing new hard surface flooring.

While wall art is allowed, it does need to be right by your door and not in the common area walkway, as well as any furniture.

If you’re remodeling, ask your contractor to stop by the management office for a short discussion about our rules that relate to them.  Protecting the walkway coating is top priority and this can lead to them being stopped from getting on the property if they damage it.  

Don’t store anything in the stairwells if you want to keep it since the Fire Marshall is on us about this.  In addition, we will be placing “NO STORAGE” signs on the doors of the electrical rooms, and the Fire Marshall has advised that our residents must cooperate.  If you do have items stored in the electrical rooms, please remove them immediately

Remember, if the sun and rain kiss it, then don’t change it without a short conversation with the office to avoid any future angst.


      Owners In the VILLAGES

A sound barrier is also required in the villages under hard surface flooring. Lawn chairs are not allowed to be left out behind the condos overnight. Remember, if the sun and the rain can touch it then please don’t modify it until you talk to the office first.

The associations typically meet about 4-6 times per year. There is no regularly scheduled meeting since most months there is nothing but reporting to discuss and they all try to meet when decisions need to be made or projects going on. All letters to your board become official correspondence and are included in the board packet for the board members to review prior to a board meeting as required by law.

We do have an Architectural Committee that reviews request for changes or modifications. The office has a short request form that must be filled out for their review where required.




Village Del Lago is currently going building by building removing the old mulch, installing new mulch, installing new plants, and removing dead plants. A special thank you to the board president and the other volunteers for sacrificing their backs to this laborious task, the beauty is seen and appreciated.


Village Las Palmas has also put together a group of garden-friendly volunteers to address their aging flower beds and is busy doing dead plant removal, new plant installation and adding new mulch.  Over the next many months, the wood will be restored where needed and the buildings will receive a fresh coat of paint.


Village Del Prado is close to being half done with their major landscaping project. The landscape company is also going building by building and removing the old plants and replacing with new, the office has received lots of compliments from the owners on the new look.


There are lots of different projects going on in the Vistas at the same time. Currently we are remodeling the elevators with Premiere the first to be completed. Caribe elevator has already been started and then we will work our way to Aegean and Pacifica. We are also painting the buildings where they did not get painted following the last hurricane. The roofs have been sprayed with a product to try to remove the dark stains on the concrete tiled roof. While the manlift is on property, they are also sealing up any areas where the bats are getting in under the tiles to sleep and stay warm, we are lovingly relocating them, not hurting them.


The pools are shut down for a week go 10 days for a cleaning and recoating of the pool gutters. It is unfortunate that this is the only contractor in the state that can do this work and we are at his mercy as far as the scheduling of this project!  Another Special Teams crew is working on the landscape curbing, repairing the broken sections and recoating the entire curb to make it look new again. We will then install more rock and plants where needed to bring the rear of the buildings up to the standard of the front sides.


The turf areas throughout the property have become infested with lots of weeds, dollar weed in particular. The abundant rains have helped to make that a big problem. The community has cancelled the contract with Turner Pest for chemical turf management.  Trimac (the association’s current landscape company) will soon begin putting down granular products to keep it green and weed free for the upcoming spring months. The flower beds with no mulch are going to quickly turn into weed beds, so we push for fast mulch installation. We anticipate all flower beds in the community will have mulch before the spring arrives.


As always, if you see a problem before we do, please let us know. While we do have employees on the property all the time, we may not see everything.  Please don’t hesitate to call the front office or guard station if you see anything from a dead plant, a trip hazard on a sidewalk, a light not working etc.  We can write a work order and get it resolved quickly!  Although our staff tries hard to catch everything before you notice, we always welcome the help of an extra set of eyes.  



And from all of us, we hope you have a Great Spring!!