Budget Workshop Overview
September 20, 2018
OGP October Meeting Minutes
October 29, 2018

VLP October 19th Meeting Minutes



October 19, 2017

10:15 a.m.


The Board of Directors meeting for The Village Las Palmas Condominium Association, Inc. was held this date and time in the Clubhouse of the Ocean Gallery, 4600 A1A South, St. Augustine, FL  32080.


President Ray Ryan called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 10:15a.m.


Call To Order:                                                                                                                     

Ray Ryan                                                                      

Jack Osgard                                                                                                                    

Peggy Meehan                                                                

Donna Nolan

David Rosenbloom

George Ferment

Phil Bornor


Proof of Notice:

Notice of the meeting was mailed to the membership and posted on all official bulletin boards of the association on the website, mailed to all owners and on Channel 8001 in accordance with the FS718 on September 19, 2018. 


Approval Of Minutes:

A motion was made by Jack Osgard and seconded by Ray Ryan to approve the minutes as amended from the last meeting.  All were in favor and the motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report:

Donna Nolan reviewed the financial reports for the association.  She commented that the association is in good shape.  The overages are accounted for in Payroll and related expenses.      


General Manager’s Report:

Scott Simmons gave the General Manager’s report with items of interest being wood rot replaced at unit 1-2, 1-8 new bandboard


Committee Reports:

Ray Ryan commented that the buildings are in the best shape.  Due to the work of the Special Teams, the association has saved a lot of money.  The islands are looking really nice.


Landscape committee – about to do another trimming, many of the new plantings were successful. 


Pool committee – Mr. Rosenbloom looking at new umbrellas. 



Old Business:




New Business:

Jack Osgard would like to discuss having the pool area non-smoking within the pool fence.  The board members discussed awarding Bob his Christmas bonus tax-free. 

Phil Bornor brought up the inflation figure the board is currently using for budgetary purposes.  After some research, it is his opinion that the board is relying too much on the Property Manager’s information and that board members should be more involved in the budget process.  He handed out a spreadsheet (See attached Exhibit C).  He proposed a committee of Ed Andrews, Phil Bornor and Scott Simmons to do a kind of reserve study.  Jack was opposed to this idea and that this should stay with Scott.  Scott showed the board the Reserve Study recently prepared by Druex-Issac for the Vistas Association, which was done a cost of $5000.00.  This committee would be providing a similar study at no charge. The board agreed that the committee can go ahead with this idea and make the board more involved. 


Phil Bornor would like Ray Ryan to do a walkthrough and decide where gutters should be installed, get a price and have it done.  Ray agreed


With no other business to discuss, a motion was made by David Rosenbloom and seconded by Jack Osgard to adjourn and with all in favor the meeting adjourned at 11:30am.


Respectfully submitted,



Peggy Meehan





Prepared for the board by Prop Mgmt