February 26th Board Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2019
VDP February 26th Board Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2019

VDL October 17th Annual Board Meeting Minutes



October 17, 2018

3:55 p.m.


The annual board of directors meeting for The Village Del Lago Condominium Association, Inc. was held this date and time in the Clubhouse of the Ocean Gallery, 4600 A1A South, St. Augustine, FL  32080.


President Mofran called the meeting to order at 3:55pm.


Call To Order:                                                                                                                                                     

Don Richards

Dennis Jane

Kathy Wiles via phone

Les Stoklosa via phone

Carolyn Kraly

John Mofran

Gayle Krug


Proof of Notice:

Notice of the meeting was posted on the website and mailed to all members of the association on September 17, 2018 in accordance with the FS718.


Approval of Minutes:

A motion was made by Don Richards which was seconded by Gayle Krug to approve the minutes of the last meeting as amended.  All were in favor and the motion passed.  See Exhibit A


Election of Directors:

Members of the ballot count committee were Kristin Paul, Carolyn Harbourt, Kay Domke, Polly & Bill Davies.  With more than 25% of the members casting their ballot, an election was held.  From the ballots counted by the committee, the seven candidates receiving the most ballots in no particular order were Kathy Wiles, John Mofran, Don Richards, Carolyn Kraly, Dennis Jane, Les Stoklosa and Gayle Krug.  Mr. Mofran thanked the committee for their assistance after the results were announced.  Mr. Mofran also thanked Melinda Heyer for her contributions as a board member for the previous 2 years. 


Treasurers Report:

With financial reports distributed, former treasurer Sandy Shanley gave a narrative of the finances of the association.  Overall, the association is in good shape.  See Exhibit B.


General Manager’s Report: 

Scott Simmons gave his Property Manager’s report with items of interest being Mark making good progress with the landscaping, completion of the roofing project, several legislative changes, new appraisals affecting the insurance quotes, maintenance accomplishments for the past 6 months being painting of 4 stairwells, repair of 2 hose bibs, removed and replaced the signs for treatment of wood-boring bees.   Scott asked for a ballpark figure to settle the insurance claim.  The board agreed that they would like to see a six-figure amount for settlement and would like for all directors to be involved when the final figure is offered.           


Committee Reports:



Old Business:




New Business:

Mr. Pannizzo of VDL48 is seeking the amount of $450 he has spent as a result of the roofs being overloaded since he chose not to have Roofing contractor’s repairman do the repair and instead used his own repair man and is now requesting reimbursement   After some discussion, the board declined the request for reimbursement.


President Mofran mentioned that he has been approached to hold a Del Lago meet and greet for owners.  It was agreed to hold it in January.  Barbara Duffy was appointed to chair the committee for the event.  Bill Sensiba and Polly Davies volunteered to assist Barbara Duffy planning the event. 


With no other business to discuss, a motion was made by Kathy Wiles and seconded by Les Stoklosa to adjourn.  With all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm. 


Respectfully submitted,



Prepared for the board by Prop Mgmt