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January 9, 2019
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May 29, 2019

February 26th Board Meeting Minutes



February 2, 2019



A meeting of the Board of Directors for The Ocean Gallery Property Owners Association, Inc. was held this date and time in the Clubhouse of the Ocean Gallery, 4600 A1A South, St. Augustine, FL  32080.


President Belz called the Board of Directors meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Call To Order:                                                                                                                      

Brandi Noegel

Les Stoklosa via conference phone                                                             

Ray Belz

Kathy Wiles

Carolyn Harbourt

Jack Osgard

John Heyer


Proof of Notice:

Notice of the meeting was posted on all official bulletin boards of the association, on the website and on Channel 8001 in accordance with the FS720 on January 25, 2019. 


Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting were previously distributed to the board.  A motion was made by Brandi Noegel and seconded by Les Stoklosa to approve the minutes as amended.   All were in favor and the motion passed unanimously.  See Exhibit A.


Treasurer’s Report:

Brandi Noegel commented on November financial reports for the audience.   A business loan was obtained from Fidelity Bank and signed by Brandi Noegel and Carolyn Harbourt to purchase the new equipment in the fitness room.  See Exhibit c.


Real Estate Report:

The sales report was prepared by Carmen Gilleland.  See Exhibit B.  December is traditionally slow with January picking up somewhat and two closings scheduled in February.  Carmen said that she has had a few clients that have walked away because of the lack of view due to the non-native vegetation that has overgrown in the dunes.  This has frustrated first floor owners that want to sell.

Scott spoke about the vegetation in the dunes. Any cutting or trimming in that area will entail a long process with the county heavily involved.  Carmen mentioned that the Rental Dept has no limit for renting short stays and without a limit, buyers aren’t able to get Fannie Mae financing.  Scott will get the board additional information about this topic. The following items will be reviewed:  Weekly rentals, 5-day rentals, 3-day rentals, and the income generated from each, a list of requirements and what has to be done to meet those requirements will be reviewed.  See Exhibit B.


Committee Reports:

ARC – met briefly this morning and elected Jack Osgard as chairman of the ARC committee.  No business was brought before the committee at this time.  The committee will be meeting again next Friday for a workshop, reviewing policies.  On Tuesday after next, the garage doors, storage doors and entry doors will be inspected.  




Rental Department Report:

Scott gave the report on the operations in the Rental department.  The department has spent over $130k spent in advertising and has met the reservations goals set.  See exhibit E



General Manager’s Report:

Scott Simmons gave a report (See exhibit F) with items of interest being installation of the new equipment in the fitness room, cleaning, vacuuming and maintenance of the equipment has been reviewed with the employees involved with owner Sam Price taking a very active role.  His participation has been greatly appreciated by Property Mgmt and the Board.  Scott mentioned that he has had questions about holding an open house event, as there is no open gate policy except when we hold our open garage sales.  The Bird of paradise has been removed behind the Angotti home.  They mentioned to Scott that they would like to put a hibiscus in its place.  Ray Belz suggested that a policy decision be made to restrict the plantings along the wall so as to keep a uniform look.  All board members agreed and decided that only palm trees should be installed going forward.  In addition, Scott was asked to consider bird- and butterfly-friendly plants.


Old  Business:

Ray Belz mentioned that at the last meeting it was discussed that a possible increase be made in the Guest Registration fee.  John Heyer made a motion to maintain the $50.00 Guest fee and add $10.00 Administrative fee.   Carolyn Harbourt seconded the motion.  All were in favor except for Jack Osgard, who was against the motion.  The motion passed.  The additional $10 administrative fee will go into effect on March 1 and those owners renting on their own will be notified ahead of that date. 


Scott is still working on the Reserve study for the OGPOA.  Mr. Belz asked him to please have the Reserve study completed and provided to the Board members a week before the next meeting. 


At the meeting of the Presidents last week, the financing of our Special Teams was discussed and resolved.  Scott will be working closely with the individual associations to keep the Team busy. 


The AT&T contract is up for renewal in twelve months.  The committee reviewing the contract and options is chaired by Kathy Wiles.  Ms. Wiles advised that she has been in contact with AT&T representatives and that the last contact she had with AT&T was “it was handed off to her people” to see if they want to renew our contract. 


President Belz discussed a motion that any employee, including Special Teams should not work for owners through the association (except for patio coatings) which Kathy Wiles agreed to make.  Jobs done by any employee for an owner is done outside the work day and strictly between the owner and the employee, and not to affect the OGPOA or OGP.  John Heyer seconded the motion.  All were in favor and the motion passed unanimously.   


New Business:

No new business


Appointment of OGP positions:

After reviewing the resumes, the board submitted their secret ballots.  The board unanimously appointed Candie Cook and Bill Loughead to the OGP.  Mr. Bill Loughead currently serves as President of the OGP.  


The next meeting will be scheduled for April 6.  An Owner’s Social will be held the same day 4-6pm.


With no other business to discuss, a motion was made by Jack Osgard and seconded by Kathy Wiles to adjourn and with all in favor the meeting adjourned at 11:40am.




Respectfully submitted,

Les Stoklosa, Secretary



Prepared for the board by Prop Mgmt