DL March 29th meeting minutes
October 17, 2019
OGPOA 2021 Annual Fee
December 16, 2019

October 15th meeting minutes



October 15, 2019



The meeting of the Board of Directors for The Village Del Prado Condominium Association, Inc. was held this date and time in the Clubhouse of the Ocean Gallery, 4600 A1A South, St. Augustine, FL  32080.


President David Stelbrink called the meeting to order at 10:15am.


Call To Order:                                                                 

David Stelbrink                                                                  

Robert Woodward

Jim Cargilo

Carol McGee

Steve Stowe via phone

Jerry Korey via phone

William Kline via phone


Proof of Notice:

Notice of the meeting was mailed to all members and posted on the website and on Channel 8001 and all association bulletin boards in accordance with the FS718 on September 15, 2019.


Approval of Minutes:

The minutes were approved by a motion made by Carol McGee and seconded by Rob Woodward to approve the minutes as amended.  All were in favor and the motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:

Financials were reviewed by Rob Woodward.  Copies were provided o the board and to the members.  Expenses are in line with the budget.    Exhibit A.  


Committee Reports:

Jim Cargilo asked that Scott keep on top of Trimac.  Carol McGee mentioned that the new roses are starting to look scraggly.  Jim & Rob did a complete walkthrough of Del Prado and made a list that was sent to Scott for action.  A motion was made by Rob Woodward to move $10,228.00 to Reserve 3571 B & G and $4552.00 to 3573 Roof account. 

A second part of the motion was made to move any Capital contributions and additional interest funds from sales for the remainder of 2019 to Reserve 3571 B & G.  Jim Cargilo seconded the both parts of Rob’s motion.  With all in favor, the motion passed.


General Manager’s Report:    

Scott Simmons gave the general Manger’s report.  Items of interest were the Agreement between the OGPOA and the other associations that the OGPOA will formally take responsibility for underground utilities.  See Exhibit B.   Some stair stringers have been replaced along with roof pole supports.  The pool deck will be recoated and the pool equipment enclosure rebuilt during the fall months.  Trimac will be replacing the dead plants soon.  See Exhibit B.    


Old Business:


New Business:

Rob Woodward would like to change the heater from the existing propane heater to an electric heater or add the electric heater.  To add the wiring would be about $1000 to have a line for 220v ran.  The fencing around the pool pack would also need to be enlarged.   Rob Woodward made a motion to put in the tan vinyl fencing with the anticipation that an electric heater and investigate purchase the heater at $4000 and run the necessary line for 220 wiring for the electric heater at about $1000.   Jerry Korey commented doing some research about adding an instant-hot heater box for the shower.    Jim Cargilo seconded the motion and with all in favor the motion passed. 


Rob asked about the surface of the hot tub.  Dave Garris has said that the condition has not changed.   Rob has put in the budget an amount to replace the surface with vinyl when it goes.


Next fall/winter, the pond will need to be drained and cleaned and sealed as maintenance, which will cost about $5000. and will be done in-house. 


President Stelbrink advised that it is necessary to estimate insurance costs real numbers aren’t available until after the budget is made.  An email this morning from Dan Alexander shows the bidders, declinations and costs. 


Jim Cargilo advised that he would commit to walking the property and then develop a checklist to be submitted to Trimac to which they must respond.


The agreement presented regarding the underground utilities by the OGPOA was discussed.  Jim Cargilo made a motion to approve signing of the agreement which was seconded by Carol McGee.  All were in favor and the motion passed. 


Meeting dates for next year were January 21, April 21, July 21 and October 20 at 10am.  


With no further business to discuss, a motion was made by Jim Cargilo to adjourn and seconded by Carol McGee to adjourn and with all in favor the meeting was adjourned at 11:45am. 


Respectfully submitted,





Prepared for the board by Prop Mgmt